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Fresh Foods IGA is a 14 store grocery chain located in southeastern North Carolina. Twelve of the locations were previously known as Bo’s Food Stores. 

Bo’s Food Stores was established in 1962 by the Abbott family. Bo’s Food Stores was always known as the hometown grocery store with quality products and competitive meat and grocery prices. They sold the stores to Spartan Nash on 6/1/2015. The Brahmbhatt/Modi family purchased the stores on 12/7/2015. When purchasing the stores they made it clear nobody would lose their job. Arren Stone worked with Bo’s Food Stores 45 years and continues to be the general manager. Cyndi Mayes worked with Bo’s Food Stores 22 years and continues to be the assistant general manager. 

The only changes made to the stores are positive changes such as implementing the meat bundle program and fresh seafood at select stores. The Brahmbhatt/Modi family merged their grocery store, known as Kash & Karry in Lumberton with the other twelve stores. On 1/1/16, they purchased the Piggly Wiggly in Chadbourn. They plan to expand the chain over the next few years. 

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North Carolina

Fresh Foods Bladenboro

105 Village Street, Bladenboro, NC  28320

Fresh Foods Castle Hayne

5601 Castle Hayne Road, Castle Hayne, NC  28429

Fresh Foods Chadbourn

121 East Strawberry Boulevard, Chadbourn, NC  28431

Fresh Foods Clarkton

47 Green Street, Clarkton, NC  28433

Fresh Foods Elizabethtown

302 South Poplar Street, Elizabethtown, NC  28337

Fresh Foods Fairmont

116 North Walnut Street, Fairmont, NC  28340

Fresh Foods Lumberton

1733 Roberts Avenue, Lumberton, NC  28358

Fresh Foods Lumberton

1000 North Pine Street, Lumberton, NC  28358

Fresh Foods Lumberton

1002 East 5th Street, Lumberton, NC  28358

Fresh Foods Pembroke

506 Union Chapel Road, Pembroke, NC  28375

Fresh Foods Raeford

240 South Main Street, Raeford, NC  28376

Fresh Foods St. Pauls

406 East Broad Street, St. Pauls, NC  28384

Kash & Karry Lumberton

1218 Martin Luther King Jr Drive, Lumberton, NC  28358